Project Marketing

Project Marketing

Project Marketing is one of the esteemed services that we specialize in. It includes the development and implementation of an extensive sales and marketing strategy for real-estate projects in Australia.

From residential estates to commercial projects, we cater to it all. The Project Marketing division at the Augment Group is at the cutting-edge of the sales and marketing strategies and is backed by decades of experience of a passionate in-house sales team.

Our focus remains on maximizing the returns in the dynamic market of the real estate. We have successfully catered to residential projects in Australia and continue to do so with our in-depth property knowledge. Our team of project marketers’ tailors a marketing strategy as per the requirements of your project.

We keep a close eye on the dynamics of the industry and constantly update our clients with any relevant information that can certainly assist them in making a financial decision in favour of their business.

The agenda of extending this service is to create a unique umbrella of strategies to ensure the success of your project from its inception to its completion.

Our marketing strategy is result-oriented and drives significant number of sales. We are experts in managing the entire process, right from the beginning of marketing to sales launch. Our experience as project marketers has led us to develop a unique approach to drive sales, not only this, but we also cater to the complete process, from the initial enquiry to making the final sale and liaising for a settlement.

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Impact Of A Detailed Market Analysis

Conducting a detailed, in-depth market analysis allows us to make informed decisions as per the performance of the market. Studying a market requires the right approach, and attention to detail. At Augment Group, we conduct an extensive market study that along with our knowledge and experience, allows us to forecast the future trends of the real estate market.

Our approach towards an efficient marketing analysis is based on analyzing the following trends:

  • Demographics: It includes analyzing the population, household sizes, age, income, and views towards development.
  • Demand & Supply: We understand the demand of the potential buyers, and the existing supply in the current market scenario.
  • Further investigation: We conduct further investigation to understand the buyer behaviors, and then propose the best way forward for choosing a mix of lots that would sell better.
  • Competition: Knowing your competition well is a key to success, because that’s how you instigate yourself to stand out. We study our competitors, their sales and pricing strategies, sales volumes, and then finally conclude.

If you are ready to step into the market, do not look any further and talk to the experts right now.